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A short game project that deals with empathy by having you, the player, confront ghostly manifestations of emotions to inform your opinion of someone going through a rough patch in life.


Look = Mouse
Movement = W, A, S, D
Sprint = Left Shift
Jump = Spacebar
Progress dialogue = Left Click


Unity Technologies; for the FPS Controller in their 'Standard Assets' package.
Fungus (by Snozbot); for their dialogue system.


I'm Asking for a Friend.zip 53 MB


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Not sure if I got the true ending or if there was a true ending I really enjoyed the graphics but really wish I could have gotten more closure from the game at the end regardless an enjoyable game with some polish it could be something special. my play through here

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1st of all. Thank you so much for playing the game. This was a really nice treat. And because of it, you have found a few tiny problems.  Which is always good to find. 
(^ - ^)

Your question on the ending. The Friend is to disappear at the end. Once that happens and your in the house, thats the ending. 

Knowing what type of ending: You have made it obvious to us that the ending is not clear. So that would need changing. 

Its not important to find every ghost for the ending. The ending will always happen when you start the final decisions with the Friend. But yea you missed 2 ghosts. Theres 2 Ghosts for every Lantern you interact with and theres an extra Ghosts that you found behind a large rock in a dead end. 

SO once again

THANK YOU SO MUCH (^ - ^)  The feedback is incredibly appreciated and highly welcomed.


Thanks for responding and yeah I'd love to know a bit more about the ending good job on the game.

Ok so a strange problem weve noticed now with the exported Build of the game and the game when in unity. The friend on the bed is not to be intractable when in the Rift. So...something just isnt right for the exported build of the game. When its exported..it just changes. And thats outside of our skill AND confidence to fix. XD  So yea......